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T cell-Mediated Immune-Tolerance


T lymphocytes play a central role in the orchestration of immune-responses. Whereas “helper” T cells adapt immune responses to the specific type of aggression and thus protect the organism from infectious diseases and cancer, “regulatory” T lymphocytes restrain immune-responses and thus avoid immune-pathology (e.g. allergy, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation). Our team works on the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the control of immune responses and thus contributes to the development of innovative therapies against immune-pathology

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 Intrathymic Treg development

Regulatory T lymphocytes (Treg) mainly develop in the thymus. We investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control this process.


Treg in transplantation

Regulatory T cells protect the organism from immune-pathology. We investigate their potential in protection against allograft rejection.


T cell epigenetics

The development and function of T lymphocytes are controlled by epigenetic mechanisms. We investigate the role of non-coding RNAs and of several non-histone chromosomal proteins in T cell identity and fate.


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