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Pathogenesis of viral infections of the developing and adult central nervous system

Heads : D. Dunia & C. Casper


Our team investigates the mechanisms and consequences of viral infections of the adult and developing central nervous system. Using several DNA and RNA viruses (notably Bornavirus, Zika virus and Cytomegalovirus), we study in particular: the impact of viral persistence on neuronal activity and plasticity, as well as on neuronal epigenetics; the impact of infections on neuronogenesis and neuronal differentiation, using a model of human neural stem cells (NSCs); the gene profiling or analysis of the secretion of soluble factors by infected NSCs or primary neuronal cultures; the modalities of congenital infection by the placental route, in collaboration with the neonatology department of Purpan university hospital.

Viral interference with neuronal homeostasis

Impact of pathogens on neuronal epigenetics

Congenital viral infections and impact on the developing brain

Last updated January 20, 2017

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