18 mars

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Différences liées au sexe dans l’immunité : mécanismes et physiopathologie

Head : J.C. Guéry


The nature and strength of the immune response differ between women and men, resulting in sex-based differences in the prevalence, manifestations and outcome of autoimmune and infectious diseases. While women are able to mount a more vigorous immune response to infections, they also suffer more from autoimmune diseases and inflammation-induced tissue damages. Growing data indicate that common biological pathways leading to inflammation and immune activation are involved in the pathophysiology of autoimmune and infectious diseases, and that these pathways are regulated by sex-linked factors, including sex hormones and sex-chromosome loci. Our team is interested in understanding the mechanisms by which sex-specific factors regulate the immune responses. Our current research objectives focus on three main areas:

Protective effect of estrogens on CNS autoimmunity


Understanding the Sex bias in Innate immunity


Infectious and allergic respiratory diseases


Date de mise à jour 21 avril 2016

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